This Wilks Formula Cheat Sheet generator is meant to make life easier on your coaches when you enter a competition that is scored by Wilks formula by having the Wilks points pre-calculated. These have been really helpful in competitions such as the USAPL/IPF deadlift and bench press competitions held at the Arnold every year. Remember, this is meant as a quick reference to pick attempts. It is recommended that you double check the numbers on the competition's scoring system to make sure that you have the correct information.

The way the cheat sheet is used is as follows:
  1. The lifter is male, so we'll select "Male" in the sex drop down list.
  2. The lifter should weigh in between 124 kgs and 125 kgs, so we'll type those two numbers into the "Bodyweight" textboxes.
  3. The lifter will open at 350 kgs and the top end of his range is expected to be 400 kgs. I'll put those two numbers into the "Weights" textboxes.
  4. Then click the "Refresh" button to generate the cheat sheet itself.
  5. If the cheat sheet has the information I need on it, I'll click the "Print" button to print it.
  6. The lifter weighs in at 124.6 kgs. So I'll fold the cheat sheet so that the 124.6 bodyweight column is lined up the weight columns and the other columns that are not needed are hidden from view.
  7. The lifting begins and I can pick the lifter's attempts to match or beat a given Wilks score by looking it up on the table.
By default, the Wilks Formula Cheat Sheet is setup to print out on one or more letter sized (8.5 in x 11 in) sheet of paper. If that meets your needs just click the "Print" button to print the page. If you want to customize the print out, simply use the formatting options below to meet your needs. When you change the formatting options, be sure to click the "Refresh" button to update the loading chart with your changes.

TIP: You can get a preview of the Wilks Formula Cheat Sheet print out by using your web browser's "Print Preview" feature.

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Wilks Formula Cheat Sheet
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